BOUNDER Plus H-frame



Bounder Plus H-Frame

Extended Range! Large, sliding dual group 24 battery box provides additional range. Group 24 batteries are the largest in use on power wheelchairs and are readily available.


  • Seat Width: 12” to 20”
  • Seat Depth: 12” to 23”
  • Seat Height: 19” to 25”
  • 25.5" Overall Base Width
  • Back Height: 15” to 24”
  • Also custom dimensions

*Some restrictions apply


  • Recline, tilt, seat elevate, and reverse tilt
  • Dual independent power elevating legrests (DIPLR)
  • Toggle switch control or through-the-joystick proportional control


» Uses standard 25.5" Overall Base Width Frame.
» Durable H-style frame uses 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.125” wall steel - TIG welded for superior strength
» 0.120” wall steel seat rails and back posts - for extra strong seat and back
» Super Torque 3 motors and brakes
» Non-slip chain drive - won’t slip in rain or snow; similar to those used on many motorcycles
» Sliding dual group 27 battery box - for extended range and ease of maintenance
» Xtra Duty 12 position adjustable suspension forks - with oversized 1” diameter bearings and fork stems
» Sheet metal pan seat
» Super Duty sling back upholstery - double liner, cap, and web strap under every screw; attached with machine screws
» Detachable desk length arms
» Anti-tipping wheelie wheels
» UE1 Series electronics - 6 drive programs, battery condition meter, diagnostics, and more
» Smart electric brake release - for easy pushing by an attendant
» 9” x 3.50” steel caster wheels - excellent on most surfaces including grass and dirt roads
» 13” x 4.00” steel drive wheels - available with smooth or knobby treads
» Safety taillights built in - turn on and off with chair power (turn on and off with light switch if headlight ordered)
» Very stable rear wheel drive - does not fishtail at high speeds unlike front and mid-wheel drives
» Durable black powder coated frame
» Fully automatic 8A dual mode battery charger - charges both gel-cell and lead acid batteries
» Detailed Owner's Manual
» Easy to service and maintain

Bounder Plus H-Frame in white
White Bounder Plus H-Frame
Bounder Plus H-Frame with PSE2 & lighting Package
Bounder Plus H-Frame with PSE2 & Lighting
Rear view Bounder Plus H-Frame
Red Bounder Plus H-Frame


  • TWO year warranty on entire chair
  • 5 year warranty on Super Torque 3 Motor & Brake drive trains**
  • 10 year H-frame base warranty
  • 5 year H-frame seat warranty

* Limited warranties - some restrictions apply. See complete warranty for more information
** Includes motors, brakes, drive wheels, drive wheel sprockets


  • Durable powder coated frame colors
  • Several seat and back options, including Captains seat
  • Many types of front rigging and arms
  • Several styles of armrest, headrest and calf pads
  • Swing-away hand control extension slide
  • Flip up arms
  • Angle adjustable footplates
  • Center Mount Angle Adjustable Footboard
  • Footplate roller bumpers
  • Headrests: Center post, sling and power
  • Power seating: Tilt, recline, elevate, legrests
  • Several front caster and drive wheel sizes
  • Respirator shelves and O2 bottle holders
  • Many electronic options
  • Hand, chin, bib, sip-n-puff, switch and attendant controls
  • Many accessories: Lights, horn, rear view mirror, fan, electric leg bag emptier

*See current order/quote forms and price lists for more information

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