Bounder Plus H-frame with HVLP OR

True ALL TERRAIN Performance

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Come winter, don’t get “snowed” down, drive a BOUNDER. It is ‘green’ and MADE IN THE USA!

Driving in the Snow
Driving in the snow with BOUNDER Plus Power Wheelchair with Off-Road Package

Trust your BOUNDER Plus Power Chair
with Off-Road Package to keep on going even in the snow!

*Users should not attempt off road driving alone and caution is advised. Pack of sand and loose soil will affect performance

Power wheelchair users need their chairs. This is a fact. Good seating, smooth ride, and reliability are necessary. Sometimes it is also NECESSARY to traverse “off road”. Maybe your home environment is not all paved city streets. When the going gets tough, the TOUGH BOUNDER users really get going - going with the OFF-ROAD PACKAGE that makes it all possible!

This Option Package Incudes:

  • 14” x 5.40” Low Pressure Pneumatic Knobby Black Tires (ATV Style) - provides ultimate grip and a smooth, comfortable ride
  • 9” x 3.50” Black Knobby Caster Tires
  • Super Torque 4 Medium Speed Motors - provides superb torque and a 6.5 mph top speed
  •  Rugged #35 Chain Drive

Off Road Option Package

The special 13.5” x 5.40” low pressure pneumatic tires provide a very smooth ride. Going over rough terrain is no longer bumpy and jarring. The aggressive knobby tire design provides excellent traction when traversing loose terrain, mud or even snow. The Super Torque 4 medium speed motors have all the torque needed to climb steep hills. The Off-Road Option Package is what power wheelchair users want in a performance chair.

Seat Elevator with Low Pressure Tire/Off Road Option

Add other options to this package for a full featured chair. For example, add our stable seat elevator or a tilt system. Call our factory today and have your next BOUNDER custom configured to meet your life style. Don’t let your power wheelchair restrict your life. Make your lifestyle HAPPEN with a BOUNDER Plus with the OFF-ROAD PACKAGE.

* Disclaimer: Never use your power wheelchair in unsafe conditions. When traveling off road, make sure you have someone to help you in case you get into trouble. Avoid unsafe hills and inclines that may cause your chair to tip over. Wear proper positioning straps, helmet and goggles if needed. 21st does not condone reckless driving of your power chair.

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